Everyone needs a technology confidant

We’re here to provide technical support for all your devices.



We invite you to start a support request and come in to visit our Medford, Oregon, store in the Rogue Valley Mall. We’ll answer every one of your questions and get you back up and running fast!


We can provide technical support at your location. This helps us get a clearer understanding of your technical environment and keeps your day running efficiently.


Sometimes it just does not work or it’s too difficult to schlep all of your computer equipment in to our store. Most often we can help resolve your problem right over the Internet and/or phone.

“I needed an OS 10.11.6 I could no longer get it from Apple. These
guys got me up and running fast at my home. I didn’t have to take
my computer into a shop and have it worked on. Thanks!”

Greg Cox

Your Business Class IT Partner

We’re here to make things simple, and provide you with the technology
and support necessary so you can be more effective at growning your business

Our technology plan includes everything you
need to be successful at growing your business.

Hardware Planning

We’ll start off by analyzing your current hardware and come up with a Solution Proposal based on your business needs so that we can help you achieve your goals.

Then we’ll put you on a purchase plan to keep your hardware technology up to date and on budget.

Network Management

Putting together a solid, dependable and secure wired and wireless network is imperative to sustain growth. We’ll help make sure you can efficiently network and share files between all your devices no matter where you are.

Cloud Backup & Sync

Once your computers are properly networked and connected to the Internet, then we can setup automatic and wireless backups so that you don’t lose data.

We’ll help you get all of your devices syncing with the right accounts so that you have access to your data whether your in the office or on the road.

Software Maintenance

Keeping your software up-to-date keeps you safe and secure and enables you to take advantage of new features that make your daily work more efficient, saving you time money.

We’ll connect with your devices to make sure they are always up to date, working properly, with the expected data minus the hiccups.

Server Management

The macOS has all kinds of ability to share files and services to Mac and PC clients as well as mobile users across your local network.

We can help you get a server setup based on your needs and what you want to share with your local and off site users. Then we can continue to manage the server for you.

Smart Video Security

It’s important for business owners and managers to keep an eye and ear on the inner workings of their business. Now, with smart video/audio cameras connected to your secure network, strategically placed and accessible to your smart phone, monitoring is easier and more effective than ever.

We’ll help you implement this cutting edge surveillance and teach you how to use it.

Technical Support

We offer fully managed IT services as well as workforce supplementation for over-loaded IT departments. There are four different service request options, (phone, chat, email, in-person or online). Each of these requests will be answered promptly to solve your problem. Nearly all support requests are resolved in real time.

With your annual support agreement, paid on a monthly basis, you will have a dedicated account representative.

“Problem solved quickly and professionally. Apple Support could
not fix my e-mail problem, stating that my computer was too old.
Over the phone Todd had the glitch fixed in less than 15 minutes.”

Ed Jones

We provide more than just technical support

Because business growth is measured in many different areas.

Website and app
Design & Development

It is imperative for every business to update and properly represent them selves on the Internet through a website, social media, maps and more.

We have a team available to you to help you be successful and drive new business.

If your business is looking to develop its own app and needs some help, we can help you with macOS and iOS app design and development.

Learning how to
manage your data

How do you manage new incoming customers, track needed follow ups so that you can close the sale more effectively and increase sales every year? We can help you with Quickbooks, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Office, Sales Force, Square POS and much more.

It’s important to have a good database of customers that can track and report essential data that help you steer your business and fine tune it so you can capture all the sales possible.

Keeping your business
secure and compliant

You hear about data breaches all of the time these days because companies are not using the latest security protocols. We’ll help make sure your data stays safe and secure and explain what’s safe and what’s not. We’ll show your team some best practices for transporting data over the Internet, and more. If you need to be HIPAA and PCI compliant, we’ll make sure you are.

Why School Districts should outsource their IT

When it comes to schools, you simply don’t have the resources to waste.

Schools simply don’t have the resources to waste.

We offer an annual support agreement for private schools and public school districts so they can rely on one outsourced tech company instead of wasting time and money always training new incoming staff. The district can save money and focus on education rather than on maintaining their technology. We’ll set up a plan for keeping your hardware and software up-to-date, and provide year round technical Help Desk support.

Hardware planning

We’ll start off by analyzing your current hardware and any grant criteria, then create a Solution Proposal to meet your needs. If you require a short-term rental, we have the inventory to get that taken care of.

We’ll put your school(s)on a purchase plan to keep your hardware technology up-to-date and on budget. We can help facilitate the purchase of your hardware with educational discounts.

We can also offer a student purchase program which includes a complete solution with setup, training and support.

Software Maintenance

It’s a full time job to keep your technology up-to-date and working to its potential. By outsourcing that task to us, we can help you remotely maintain all of your hardware. We can set screen time limits, as well as manage the software you want installed on each device.

Help Desk

We’re here to provide you with the technological support you need so you can focus on the kids and teaching them. So, whether it’s software or hardware help you need, just give us a call, and we’ll walk you through to a solution.

We offer faculty and staff Professional Growth classes during the summer when they can focus on increasing their knowledge and how to use their technology.

“They speak in a language I understand that is not ‘tech-speak.”

Sharon Rogers