Multi-platform training for all your devices

Training is where all the magic happens.


During your training, we’ll introduce you to your hardware, all the different ports and what gets plugged into them. We’ll explain the hardware features like FaceTime (and why you don’t have to put a piece of tape on it), we’ll tell you about the new keyboard and how to best use your magic mouse or trackpad with gestures.

We offer a training called a-tour-of-the-dock which is generally a 2-hour session. We’ll walk you through each app in your Dock. We’ll talk about what possible, how to organize and some best practices.


Whether you use an iPhone or iPad, the magic is at your finger tips. We’ll start by showing you the hardware features of your device and the key technologies it offers. Then we’ll demonstrate some easy gestures on how to best use your device.

From there we’ll explain the difference between Siri and Dictation and how using them together can change your life. We’ll explain how to best organize the data on your iOS devices and how that data interacts with iCloud and your other devices. Generally a 1-hour session.


If you have an Apple Watch, you might as well call yourself “Dick Tracy”. Having someone explain to you the amazing features and how to best use them is priceless. We’ll introduce you to your Apple Watch properly and show you how to use it. We’ll go over some apps that allow you to make calls, use Apple Pay, monitor your health and listen to audio wirelessly without even having your iPhone near. We’ll show you some tips and tricks including how to use Siri, Dictation, create reminders and more.

“Excellent customer service and comprehensive training.
Extremely knowledgeable. Will diffidently use their services again.”

Beth Pruett


Once your Apple TV is all set up and synced with your different accounts, it’s time to learn how to best use it with your Siri remote. This new remote allows you to interact with Siri, search for and find your content quickly without fumbling around with those crazy on-screen keyboards.

We’ll go over the fact that the new Apple TV now has its own App Store. This new ecosystem basically turns your TV into a smart computer that can control your smart home, play music or on-demand video, get weather updates and more. We’ll show you how to use AirPlay to cast any audio or video from your devices to your TV display with one flick of a button.

The best way to learn

Our training style is conceptual. We tend not to go deep because we lose people in 15 minutes or so. Instead we go wide and tell you a little bit about what you can do with this and that application, some best practices, how to organize your data and what’s possible. Once you know what’s possible, the sky is the limit for you. Then, as you get into the driver’s seat and find an interest, it’s your interest that fuses your memory. We can then come back and go deep in what your interested in.

Recording the training

As a free cherry on top, we’ll record your training as a screen movie. Screen recordings will record everything we show you on the screen along with everything we talk about. Feel free to takes notes if you want, but as you relax your mind, you will end up retaining more conceptual width instead of trying to keep track of the depth of details. Just sit back and go for the ride and know that you have the whole thing on a recording. Now that’s how to utilize your Apple technology!

Future questions

When we initially set up your Mac, we’ll create a new note so you to write down all your questions like “Can my Mac do this?” or “what’s the best way to do that?”. Once you get 10 questions or so written down, we’ll get together locally or remotely, and we’ll answer every one of your questions for you. Our goal is to create a relationship with you based on trust and empowerment. If you allow us, we will empower you to make magic on your devices.


Most consumers have technology at their fingertips but only know how to utilize 5% of it. We can empower you to get much more out of your technology by signing up for some training on how to best use your devices together. Consumer training is focused on the apps that come with your device and how it interacts with your other personal devices.


Gone are the days of Etch A Sketch and a backpack full of books. Nowadays, kids are learning how to interact using state of the art iPads a quarter inch thick and connected to the Internet. We sponsor field trips to our store where we will be giving a 1-hour training session to students and teachers alike. We’ll show you from both a teacher and student perspective the amazing things you can do with Apple technology. We’ll empower you to learn, create and manage data like never before. You’ll also get a free t-shirt and lunch on us.


You’re a small-to-mid size business owner and want to better understand how to manage and streamline your business. We provide customized business training for your employees and the apps they want to use. We are experts in many of the business apps used today including Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, FileMaker Pro, FinalCut, Logic and others. These apps will help businesses to create and maximize income while reducing overhead.


Individual training is one-to-one training in an intimate environment. We will have a outline ready of how to best use your technology. We are flexible and can stop from time to time to answer your questions along the way.


If you would like to save some money and participate in group training, we can work with two or more people at a time. We’ll spend the time necessary to answer all of your questions. We can facilitate the group training on-site, online or in-house. Let us know your group size, a day and time that works best for you.

You choose the location

If you live locally we can do the training in-house, come to your location or meet somewhere else over coffee.

If you live outside our local area, we can still train and work with users nationwide using remote control software over the Internet - it’s like we’re sitting right there by your side.We’re flexible.