Shipping & product returns policies

Spend $500 or more and get free ground return shipping on us!

Shipping & Return Shipping

Take your product to your nearest UPS Store or FedEx Office. They will pack it for you (if needed) to ensure a safe delivery w/o damage. Please put the appropriate replacement value insurance on it and send it to your nearest SmartHelp Authorized Repair Center below:

  • Ship to address:

  • 964 Pumpkin Ridge (home office)
  • Eagle Point, OR 97524
  • Shipping Email: | Shipping Phone: 541-255-2310

If your service order is $500 or more, you’ll qualify for free return ground shipping as a thank you for doing business with us. If your order is less than $500 then we’ll bill your payment source for return shipping accordingly.

Product Returns

Our policy is that we help facilitate the purchase of Apple products on your account to fulfill a desired solution. Those products may be returnable to the original vendor within a limited time frame, see the original vendor return policy for details. If you purchase other products as part of your solution including service parts, Apple Home Kit compatible products, Refurbished, Certified Pre-owned products or others, the proposed solution was carefully considered prior to the sale, as well as the time put into getting it setup or preparing it to work properly - those products may not be returnable and is at the sole discretion of an SmartHelp manager. If your product is defective and carries a limited or extended warranty, fulfillment of that warrantied item is at the liability of the manufacturer and not SmartHelp LLC. If you would like us to help you replace or repair that warrantied product we would be happy to assist you, however fees may apply.