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You are also acknowledging that the above information is true and correct. Your picture above is used for identification and when setting up your devices and on your accounts and contact card as your profile picture. Some repairs or system setups may require your administrator password, Apple ID & PW, a 4-6 digit passcode, credit card information, DOB, Internet Accounts ID & PW for Skype, Email, FaceBook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft or other accounts. If provided, we will protect your information and keep it strictly confidential. Please make sure that Find my iPhone/iPad/iPod or Mac is turned off before service. Minimum Service Charge: $50.00, Labor Rate: $150 hr. Travel time for on-site service calls are billed at $1.00 per mile round trip when outside of 60 miles from our office. You authorize us to accept terms and conditions for your product(s) on your behalf, including adding Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash to your Apple devices. We are not an Authorized Apple Warranty Repair Center, we may facilitate warranty repairs through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider if needed.

The customer authorizes and releases SmartHelp LLC or Derek Enterprises, LLC from any economic or consequential damage to their hardware, software or data. Abandoned products left more than 30 days become property of SmartHelp LLC.