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Your submitted picture above is used for identification and when setting up your devices and on your accounts and contact card as your profile picture. Some repairs or system setups may require your administrator password, a 4-6 digit PIN or passcode, DOB, SSN, Internet Account ID & PWs for your Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox, Financial institution, Email or other accounts as well as credit card information. We recommend that you have enabled two-factor authentication on all your accounts. If you have not, we can provide this to you as a paid service to ensure no one can access your accounts without your knowledge. If you provide your credit card information to us, you are agreeing that it is okay for us to keep on file your credit card number, expiration date, CVV, billing zip code, checking account, routing numbers and issuing bank for exclusive use on your behalf. We can also use your supplied payment information with your permission to add it to your online accounts. As you provide any of your confidential information, we will protect and keep it secure. You authorize us to accept your service provider’s terms and conditions for your products or services on your behalf, including adding Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash. Our website and backend FileMaker Pro database use a 2048-bit end-to-end encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to ensure safe transmission of your information.

Please make sure that Find my iPhone/iPad/iPod or Mac is turned off before you bring in or send your devices in for service. Minimum Service Charge: $50.00, Labor Rate: $150 hr. Travel time for on-site service calls are billed at $1.00 per mile round trip when outside of 30 miles from our store in Eagle Point, OR. Backing up your data prior to service is strongly recommend. If you have not, we can attempt to do this for you at our first opportunity as a paid service. Backups are stored locally and temporarily (or on your provided hard drive or cloud server) and may only be available for restoration for a short time. We are not liable for your data.

The services listed on your Service Record, once you leave or ship your hardware to us constitutes an agreement to perform listed services. These listed services may need to change depending on accomplishing your said goal, but we will contact you first to let you know and get your approval if any changes are recommended.

We are representing ourselves to you as an Independent Apple Consultant & Retail store. We are not an Authorized Apple Warranty Repair Center, however we may facilitate as needed warranty repairs through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. You authorize and release SmartHelp, LLC from any economic or consequential damage to your hardware, software or data. Abandoned products left more than 30 days become property of SmartHelp LLC.

If we find in the general course of our work, Illegal activity, child pornography or other harmful evidence, we may be required to report it to the proper authorities.

You are also acknowledging that the above information is true and correct. If you would like a copy of this agreement, please ask or print this page.

This agreement was last modified on 3/8/2021.