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iPhone Screen Repair


When you purchase a new, refurbished or CPO iPhone, we can help make sure you get the right iPhone that fits your budget. But not only that, we will help you get everything you need to be successful at using it because we’ll backup and restore your data, make sure it’s set it up properly and show you how to best use it.

Mac Hardware Repair


We offer a distinct advantage over our competitors and big box stores. They all focus on selling and fixing hardware and we do that too! We also provide all of the services everyone needs: Backing up your computer, setting up your new, refurbished or CPO Mac like new and then integrating your data and showing you how to make magic with it.

iPad Repair


We’ll help you to purchase the right new, refurbished or CPO iPad and accessories in one complete solution. We’ll assist you with Account Registration, Password Management, erasing your old device and if it has value, trade it in. We’ll connect with you monthly to check and make sure you’re backing up and review your space available, answer your ac-

iPhone Screen Repair iPhone Screen Repair

Apple TVs

What is an Apple TV? It’s a little black box that connects to your HDTV through an HDMI cable. It supports a 4K HDTV for a great quality picture. So our Complete Solution includes the Apple TV 4K, a HDMI 4K cable, a great pair of over-ear Bose headphones complete setup and update of the tvOS and then we’ll train you how to best use it.

Mac Hardware Repair

Apple Watches

Apple has redefined the watch. Today, a watch is the quick-look to our wrist to get the information we want fast. Perhaps someone is at your front door and Ring detects it and sends you a notification, or track your health info, or make a quick call Dick Tracey style. We’ll help you get the right watch, set it up properly and show you what’s possible.

iPad Repair

Smart Homes

Do you want to start automating your home? We can start simple by adding a light switch or two. Then add a smart camera that alerts you of movement. Ultimately we can provide you a recommended list of smart home essentials. We’ll get all the products in, install them and set them up. Then we’ll show you how easy it is to use and automate.