Trade In Program

Keep up with technology and warranty by getting a new Mac every year.


Stay up to date with your technology by joining our 1-year trade-in program for $100. Hardware technology devaluates itself at a rate of approximately 20%-25% per year. For example, if you purcahse a MacBook Pro for $1,999.00, in one year the hardware will have lost ap - proximately $399.80 (20%) and will continue to do so for five years until it’s lost all of it’s monetary value. This happens because of the new technology that comes out in front of it. The trade-in program will allow you to trade in your computer to us and get a new computer each year for approximately 20% per year cost which is much easier to budget than 100% every five years. Additionally, you get to ride the wave of the built-in 1-year AppleCare warranty on both new and refurbished Mac purchases. Computer values are estimated and not guaranteed. Actual trade-in value will be determined each year through several different web sites. This does not include any service or support you may require to get your macOS system running like new again. We encourage you to backup your entire system using Time Machine, so that way you can easily restoe it to the new computer. If you need help we are here as a resource and can help, fees may apply.

For those of us that would prefer to keep their computer for the whole five years, you can purchase AppleCare+ which extends the war - ranty on a Mac for a total of three years. It also covers accidental damage with a deductable. Prices vary for the different models which range from $99 to $349. Some customers purchase both the trade-in program and AppleCare+ incase they damage their computer. Both are great programs. Let us know and we can help you with either or both of them. Just click the button below to go to our Complete Solutions page.