SmartHelp LLC was founded in 2019 by Todd Derek, an Apple veteran and technology consultant for over 33 years (see Our mission is to: Empower you to do more than you ever thought possible. We do this daily by providing all the services as well as the products together as a ‘complete solution’ which customers want but never have the opportunity to purchase elsewhere at the time they get new tech.

These services include:
• Purchase assistance (we’ll help you get the right hardware the first time, so you don’t find out later you ordered the wrong device)
• Account Registration (documenting your account credentials in order to get a new device setup and synced properly)
• Password management (a 3-password management system to help re-secure your identity in a simple easy-to-remember system)
• Complete backup (of your device, so that you don’t put yourself in a position to lose data)
• Software Setup & Configuration (to set up your device as new rather than ‘migrating’ all of the good and the bad from your old device)
• Data Integration (where we manually ‘integrate’ all of the good data like Documents, Music, Movies, Pictures, Downloads back to your newly setup device. This makes for a much cleaner and better running system)
• Training (conceptually highlighting what’s possible with your devices, along with a recorded movie of the screen and audio of what we talk about)
• Erasing your old device (once we get your new device all setup and the data integrated, your old device has a certain amount of liability to it. We’ll erase all of the data and then either trade it in or recycle it for you)
• Technical Support (once you’re in the drivers seat, you can then write down all your questions, and schedule an appointment with us. We’ll answer every one of your questions locally or remotely over the phone/Internet)
• Trade-in Program (receive a new computer every year, and stay under the built-in warranty of your new device)

SmartHelp provides this as a complete solution proposal in a way where the boutique services are presented as part of the solution along with the hardware needed as your one-stop-shop. SmartHelp is not an Apple Reseller, we help our customers facilitate the purchase of their desired Apple products using their own account. Our plan is to open five stores over the next 5-years and offer stand alone and store-in-store franchise opportunities.


Todd Derek


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SmartHelp is a privately owned, an independent retail store in Medford Oregon with a focus on creating relationships with our customers by providing complete technology solutions. These solutions are primarily focused on the boutique services above and best practices for desktop platforms (macOS & Windows), tablet and mobile platforms (iOS, Android & Windows Mobile). We also offer complete hardware repair for both in and out of warranty products.

There are three ways for us to connect: In-house, on-site or remotely over the phone and Internet. We serve all 50 United States. Our customers give us a lot of trust and we come through every time for them as shown in the 5-star reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook and LinkedIn. We hope you can experience what a “complete solution” is all about and the boutique services to start building a trust relationship with SmartHelp today.